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Bilete av skulebygg Mo og Øyrane

Bilete av skulebygg Mo og Øyrane

Mo og Øyrane College - A school for vocational studies and training

Mo og Øyrane College is situated in the town of Førde in the county of Sogn og Fjordane, about three hours drive from Bergen, on the West Coast of Norway. There are about 12 000 inhabitants in the community of Førde.

All together there are about 180 employees. About 80 of these are teachers, teaching about 450 students.
In general the students can stay at our school for two years and after that get an apprenticeship in a public or private business.
After two years of practical training and education they can get their final diploma.
If one of our students wants to study at a college or a university, he/she can qualify for such studies by taking a special course called “Påbygging”. This course lasts one year.
It means he/she has to follow a course filled with theoretical lessons such as Norwegian, Mathematics, Science, Social studies and so on in contradiction to the practical lessons at our vocational school.

Educational point of view:

Our educational point of view tells us where to go with our teaching.
The main principle for the school is to show the students the connection between different subjects, theory and practical work through interdisciplinary collaboration at school and a closer co-operation with trade and industry.
We want to give our students an active and safe environment for learning where the students will enjoy themselves and be motivated for independent work/studies.
To make this collaboration possible the teachers work together in teams and each student has his/her own teacher as a contact person.

We want to meet our students with clear expectations which consider their individual needs and special abilities.
At our school we have faith in our students’ abilities and responsibility for their own education through their right to influence how to work with different subjects and how to be evaluated.

In addition to teach, the teachers function as supervisors and the aim is to inspire the students and be open for dialogues with them, their parents and colleagues.
It is important for the school to use the individual teacher’s competence and give him/her a chance to develop.

Studies we offer:

  • Agriculture
  • Building and construction
  • Electricity and electronics
  • Health and social care
  • Restaurant and food processing
  • Service and transport