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Mo og Øyrane upper secondary school student exchange

In Europe we have had several interesting mobility projects sending our students to other countries to work in companies for three weeks.

We started off with a Linking – Up – project with a Hotel Academy in Slovakia. During the two last years we have had a Leonardo da Vinci - project with the same school. Last year we had a Gjør det! – project with a school in Sachsen Anhalt, Germany. These projects have been mutual in co-operation with schools in the host countries. Next year we want to expand and get more partners around in Europe.

We want to gain more contacts in Europe to establish co-operation with companies and schools to keep up this work. Today the students need to be prepared facing an international market when they start working. That’s why we want them to get a unique opportunity to gain some important skills in how to deal with foreigners and communicate with other mother tongues. In such projects the students’ self-esteem is improved.